Update #1 January 4, 2021
I was very happy that I was verified.  I was a little disappointed that suddenly I wasn't verified again, and a bit upset because you're asking for info that's already been submitted nearly a dozen times.  You're asking for 1 of:

certificate of incorporation

business tax certificate [2553]

and business license


Although you only ask for one, I provided 2/3 of them.  You've had them all along.  Please check again.


Thank you,


Roy Alessi



Hi Facebook I am Roy Alessi and I know very little about web design. I  own alessi weddings corp which owns tolman media 

Orlando and tolman media central 

Florida [same site, same thing]. I use as my email but you can contact me just fine at too. my phone number is 407-720-0465 but the business phone number is 321-578-3953.  most of our business is done via two way text and most of the incoming phone calls are spam so we don't answer it very often. I  promise both my company and myself are real and not spammers. If it matters, I also own at (802) 266-4864.  I hope this is sufficient evidence for whatever you are looking for!  Thank you.

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